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The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony (Tenth Anniversary Edition)

by Will Tuttle, Ph.D.

  • ISBN Hardcover: 9789359666174, 9359666173
  • ISBN Paperback: 9789359664231, 9359664235
  • Year of Publication: 2024
  • Edition: 1st
  • No. of Pages: 357
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishing House
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    Book Description:

    What is so simple as eating an apple? And yet, what could be more sacred or profound? Food is our most intimate and telling connection both with the natural order and with our cultural heritage. But it is becoming increasingly clear that the choices we make about food today are leading to environmental degradation, enormous human health problems, and unimaginable cruelty toward our fellow creatures.

    The World Peace Diet presents the outlines of a more empowering understanding of our world, based on comprehending the far-reaching implications of our food choices. Incorporating systems theory, teachings from mythology and religions, and the human sciences, Will Tuttle offers a set of the universal principles for all people of conscience, from any religious tradition, that show how we as a species can move our consciousness forward us to become more free, more intelligent, more loving, and happier in the choices we make.

    Since it was published in 2005, The World Peace Diet and author Will Tuttle have reached hundreds of thousands of people around the globe and created a whole new movement of people making a conscious connection with a healthy diet and cruelty-free living, and committing spiritual, psychological, and social offences nonviolence and genuine sustainability. This tenth anniversary edition contains a new foreword, new resources (including recipes), and a study guide.


    “Will Tuttle brings a priceless perspective only to the planetary crisis confronting us all, but also to powerful ways we each can affect it. This book is radiant with his learning and his compassion.” --Joanna Macy, author, Coming Back to Life

    About the Author:

    DR. WILL TUTTLE is a recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award and the Empty Cages Prize. With a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, he is the creator of several wellness and advocacy training programs. A former Zen monk, he has created eight CD albums of uplifting original piano music. The co-founder of Circle of Compassion, he is a frequent radio, television, and online presenter and writer. With his spouse Madeleine, a Swiss visionary artist, he presents lectures, workshops, and concerts throughout North America and worldwide.