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The Path of Practice: The Ayurvedic Book of Healing With Food, Breath and Sound

by Maya Tiwari

  • ISBN Hardcover: 9788120818576, 8120818571
  • ISBN Paperback: 9788120818583, 812081858X
  • Year of Publication: 2011
  • Edition: 2nd
  • No. of Pages: 431
  • Language: English
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    As one of the world's only female experts on the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurvedic medicine, renowned teacher Bri. Maya Tiwari has devoted her heart and soul to share the philosophy and methods that saved her from terminal cancer and redirected her life. In this book she offers a short course on healing and living and reveals how she has gone back to the sources of Ayurvedic wisdom to reclaim time-honored, natural, spiritual techniques for use in contemporary life.

    Filled with illuminating insights, easy-to-follow recipes, and meditations and exercises that can be adapted to different lifestyles and traditions, The Path of Practice is one of the only holistic programs designed for women by a woman.

    This book has a strong focus on women, because they are the staff-holders of sacred life and nurturance. The aim is to evoke, inform, strengthen, and safeguard the memory of women as guardians of sacred healing. It is also meant to help men become awakened to the Mother's primordial healing energy that has existed within them from ancient times.


    Imbued with the spiritual strength and centeredness of its remarkable author, it is a practical and profound book for the readers, for instruction, wisdom and peace of mind. - Indian Journal of Nutrition & Dietetics, Vol. 41, June 2004

    Any reader will

    About the Author(s)

    About the Author:  Maya Tiwari has healed herself of cancer through her fortitude and spiritual strength.  As a result, she redirected her life, beginning her holistic studies in Oriental medicine.  She later returned to her roots in the Vedas and was carefully tutored by Swami Dayananda, one of India's few living masters of the traditional teaching of Vedanta and Sanskrit.  She has been trained to preserve the precious oral teachings of the most ancient spiritual heritage, the Vedas-and has since devoted her life to the study and teaching of Ayurveda and Vedanta.  Bri. Maya co-authored Diet for Natural Beauty with Aveline Kushi and has written the current best-selling Ayurveda:  A Life of Balance, the definitive work on Ayurvedic nutrition.