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Spiritual Healing: Doctors Examine Therapeutic Touch and Other Holistic Treatment

by Dora Van Gelder Kunz

  • ISBN: 9788178220116, 8178220113
  • Year of Publication: 2008
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 1st
  • No. of Pages: 333
  • Language: English
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    Healing is a mystery that does not easily yield to the casually worded question. True healing elicits response from depths of the human condition that are not well understood in our time. Its enactment draws power from personal commitments that are foreign to our daily tacit acceptance of aggression and competition as a way of life. Rather, healing aligns with life-affirming forces such as compassion and humane support.

    A spiritual revolution is underway in health care. More and more doctors, nurses, and counselors are recognizing that health means treating the soul and the psyche as well as the body. In this new edition of a classic collection, the best minds in holistic healing explore the spiritual basis of the alternative health care movement. Dolores Krieger introduces the collection and explains the principles behind Therapeutic Touch, the hand-motion therapy that is spreading through nursing schools and hospitals. Time reports that –according to its proponents, Therapeutic Touch not only comforts and relaxes patients, but also relieves pain, produces chemical changes in the blood and promotes healing.”


    –A fine introduction to a very timely subject”- West Cost Review of Books

    –A most rewarding presentation which never loses sight of the spirit, which is the true healer.” _ Violet M. Shelly, Venture Inward.

    –An informative as well as an encouraging

    About the Author(s)

    Dora Van Gelder Kunz was born with clairvoyant facilities.For many years

    she has been associated with new development in healing and with Dr.Dolores

    Krieger development a technique called Therapeutic Touch.Mrs.Kunz is

    co-author with Dr.Shafica Karagulla of The Chakras and the Human Energy

    Fields and editor of Spiritual Aspects of the Healing Arts,an anthology.She

    is president of the Theosophical Society in America.