Sanskrit Syntax

by J. S. Speijer

  • ISBN Hardcover: 9788120804821, 8120804821
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  • Year of Publication: 2009
  • Edition: 7th
  • No. of Pages: 402
  • Language: English
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    Sanskrit grammar has remained, for long, professedly deficient in its treatment of Syntax, in spite of the labours of Delbruck, De Saussure, and Whitney in this field. The present work is an attempt to remove this deficiency. Herein the author has presented a vivid portrait of Syntax as it is represented by Classical Sanskrit literature, Vedic prose and Epics.

    The book is divided in to six sections. Section I opens with the general remarks on the structure of sentences. Section II explains concord and case-relations. Section III deals

    with the different classes of nouns and pronouns. Sections IV, V, VI discuss the syntax of verbs, particles and sentences.

    The book is the result of the author's observations of original sources .which he quotes in plenty. Majority of examples cited by him are selected from the works of well-known authors and this has made the work both authoritative and interesting. Among the ancient grammarians, he has followed Panini, whose rules are referred to at; every step,

    The study is documented with an introduction and index of Sanskrit words.


    The purpose, in writing this book, is to provide a self-contained primer, workbook and reader for teaching first-rear Sanskrit students with no previous linguistic training. The author has tried throughout the work to introduce, explain and illustrate the

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