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Quest for Truth: Original Letters of Vimala Thakar

by Nithiya Kalyani

  • ISBN: 9788120833296, 8120833295
  • Year of Publication: 2008
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 1st
  • No. of Pages: 133
  • Language: English
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    About the Book Essentially the work is a compilation of VimalajiÍs letters written to the author who had the opportunity to live with her and witness the rhythmic, pure, meditative life dedicated for the well being of the nations. VimalajiÍs approach in dealing with the author _ sadhaka is an education for all f us, in itself, indeed a practical education. An approach dealing with the particular mind-set of the aspirant but without the imposition of authority. The letters, here, are arranged chronologically and have been assigned fitting titles which are quite expressive of the contents, beneficial to every spiritual aspirant. Most of the letters are in VmalajiÍs handwriting, giving it a feeling of closeness. They pierce the psyche of the readers, illumining our understanding and incisively and persuasively teach that the spiritual and eternal is to be prized above the material and transitory. Review(s) ñFor me, religion cannot be borrowed. For me, religious life is not impositions of theories or patterns of behaviour on oneself. For me, religion is not grafting the experiences of other persons, however holy they might, dead or alive on our psyche. It About the Author(s)

    Nithiya Kalyani is the daughter of late Sri Kula Sabanathan and late Smt. Annapoorani of Sri Lanka, a cultured Hindu family.  Her father was well-known for his literary talents and cultural outlook having produced several valuable books on ancient Hindu temples of Sri-Lanka including Katharagama.  Nithiya has been a rebel from her young days and has blazed a trial on the spiritual path outside the field of orthodoxy on her own during her adult life, in the midst of her active professional career in Sri Lanka and abroad as an Information Desk organizer and Journalist working for various institutions.  Now in retirement, she is concentrated on the task of making available to the discerning public the valuable insights she has gained in the course of her spiritual endeavour with the guidance of Vimalaji, the Venerable Sage of Mt. Abu of Rajasthan, India.