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Perspectives, Vol. 1: The Timeless Way of Wisdom

by Paul Brunton

  • ISBN: 9788178223384, 8178223384
  • Year of Publication: 2009
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 1st
  • No. of Pages: 408
  • Language: English
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    This is an inspiring insight into the essence of East-West spiritual philosophy. Going to the heart of virtually every aspect of the spiritual quest, it introduces a major series: The Notebooks of Paul Brnnton. It is a representative survey of more than 7,000 pages of notes withheld by Paul Brunton for posthumous publication. The stilled, introverted, and receptive mind of Paul Brunton perfectly mirrors the powers of the Divine Mind which unfold temporally as all that is true or real in our world, What the book gives us is not to be equated with the undifferentiated intelligence of the living universal consciousness, it is in truth an accurate reflection of it in terms more accessible to our spiritually younger minds.

    The Notebooks of Paul Brunton provides a veritable treasure trove of philosophic-spiritual wisdom. It is a simple straightforward guide to know philosophical insights of East and West that can help to create beauty joy, and meaning in our lives, Paurl Brunton (1898-1981) was one of this century's most dynamic spiritual authors. His ten early books awakened millions in the West to the treasures of oriental wisdom and mystical practice.


    –His •Notebooksê provide a veritable treasure trove of philosophic-spiritual wisdom.”

    ãElisabeth Kubler-Ross

    –A simple, straightforward guide to how philosophical insights of East and West can help to crate beauty, joy, and meaning in our lives.”


    About the Author(s)

    Paul Brunton was one of the twentieth century's greatest explorers of the spiritual tradition of the East. He was also a journalist with a healthy regard for critical impartiality and for commonsense. These characteristics together with a rich inner life, made him a superb writer on the spirituality of the Orient.