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Pancatantra of Visnusarman: Edited with a short Sanskrit Commentary, a literal English Translation of almost all the slokas occurring in it, and of difficult prose passages, and critical and explanatory Notes in English

by M. R. Kale

  • ISBN: 9788120802209, 8120802209
  • Year of Publication: 2015
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 7th reprint
  • No. of Pages: 510
  • Language: Sanskrit & English
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    The present edition is meant for such of the students as have not the means of securing private assistance... . A full English translation has been given of all difficult verses. But in the case

    of easier ones, the translation stops after giving a rendering of the unintelligible parts only. The same has been done with regard to the difficult prose passages. Thus there is scope left for the boys to exercise their own brain power. A short commentary explaining all difficult compounds

    and giving the prose order of difficult verses has been added. In the case of intricate passages the editor has added, sometimes a word, at others, a sentence or two to make the sense clear. The exigencies of space, however, did not permit him to add full explanations. But what is given is sufficient to make the text intelligible to a student of ordinary under-standing. A special feature of the present edition is this-that it gives different readings and some additional verses found in two MSS consulted by me.

    The student will observe that the reflections and citations which are so profusely interspersed

    in the first three Tantras become much less copious in the last two-a circumstance which, However, much adds to the interest, if not to the utility, of the compilation.

    The Pancatantra is a famous literary work of Visnusarman the Court-Pandit of Kind Amarasakt of Mahilaropya in the south. Originally it was intended by the author to educate the princes of his patron in the science of politics and practical life. The work comprises five tantras consisting of stories interpersed with verses which are full of political maxims applicable to exigencies of life. The present edition contains besides the text, copious notes and literal translation in English.


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