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English-Pali Dictionary

by A. P. Buddhadatta Mahathera

  • ISBN: 9789390713141, 9390713145
  • Year of Publication: 2021
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Edition: 3rd
  • No. of Pages: 588
  • Language: English
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    Here is a reprint of the English-Pali Dictionary by A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera published long ago by the Pali Text Society in Roman script. This publication was then considered a notable event in the life of the Society for it was a great improvement on a similar earlier work by Venerable W. Piyatissa whose usefulness was reduced for the English-speaking readers by the Pali words being given in Sinhalese script. This is a consider ably enlarged form of a concise English-Pali Dictionary compiled by the present author during the second World War. The author has coined many new words and has given more than one Pali word for some English verbs which do not exist in the ancient languages like Pali. This dictionary, though not an exhaustive one, has proved much useful to the scholars of the Pali language as it presents well chosen material in a single volume of a manageable size.

    (by the same author) CONCISE PALI-ENGLISH DICTIONARY - This Concise Pali-English Dictionary has been prepared mainly for use by students in schools and colleges. The author is not only an eminent Elder of the Buddhist Order but one of the leading Pali scholars recognized both in the East and West as an authority on the subject. It is to be observed that the author has kept more or less to the traditional sense of words while not altogether ignoring the meanings given by western scholars in their translations and lexicons. Many errors in the latter sources have also been rectified. But the basic sense adopted is in nearly every instance the traditionally accepted meaning in accord with the commentaries and the glossaries. This perhaps is of special value to beginners as thereby they get introduced to the indigenous tradition, thus providing a useful basis on which to build up a more scientific knowledge as the study advances.


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