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Bacronyms: Explaining Word by its used Alphabets

by B. D. Bhargava

  • ISBN: 9789380375687, 9380375689
  • Year of Publication: 2013
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 1st
  • No. of Pages: 183
  • Language: English
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    BACRONYMS is a new age encyclopedic dictionary or subtle words cocktail and also scholar's plaything is originally contributed by Mr. B. D. Bhargava of Agra. The book is divided into three parts-part 1 contains about 300 Bacronyms form Alphabet A to Z, Bacronyms means the detail explanation of any word with its alphabet like AFFECTION means - ardent feeling fretful emotional concern that influences one naturally of ALPHABATS means authentic language particles helping articulate better express thoughts straight- away. Part 2 contains power of one Word like one Tip can lead us to success, deals some words for which 4 to 6 phrase-sentences have been worked and have more than one thems coverage like ABSURD etc. and thirdly in praise of evil. In part 3, we have some words with more than 6 phrases / sentences from different themes may be some are not easy to grasp, just ignore them, followed by a perpetual calender. It is hoped that this thought provoking treatise would certainly enhance the one's interest in the English language and would certainly enlarge their vocabulary.

    About the Author(s): Mr. B. D. Bhargava was born on 30th Nov. 1932 at Ajmer, He was graduated from Ruia College, Bombay and M. Sc. ( Maths) from University of Bombay. He had also worked as a investigator in 'socio-economic survey, of Greater Bombay and 'study of trends in urbanization' conducted by the Bombay University School of Economics of behalf of the planning commission. He retired from Bombay as Secretary Marketing from L. I. C. Center Office in 30th Nov. 1990. He was married to Tara Bhargava, daughter of Late Shri Bhagwat Prasadji Bhargava (Ex-Pradhan Mantri, All India Bhargava Sabha  for many years) and niece of shri M. P. Bhargava, (Ex M. P. Rajya Sabha) of B.M. khan Mohalla, Agra. At present, he is survived by four daughters and one son and all of them and their children are well settled in our country as well as a broad. Why he could contributed this book, we must see some of the impressions as made by him: " I stated coining  Bacronyms in 1996. Let me tell you how it all started. It is a well known question- what come first-the egg or the chicken? This basic question has been framed, by different philosophers, in different forms. I too was perplexed by a similar question-what come first- our expressions (sentences) or words? Intrigued? Will I too was puzzled and that set me thinking. Also one day, I was reading the book CRAZY ENGLISH by Richard Ledrer in which he mentioned the word Bacronym without defining it and gave one example DIET-Dare I Eat This. That set me thinking too-can all the English Dictionary Words, not be expressed as proper sentences and now the result is before you."