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ABC of Indian Astrology

by Dr Ravindra Sharma

  • ISBN Hardcover: 9789357607889,9357607889
  • ISBN Paperback: ‎9789357607872,9357607870
  • Year of Publication: 2023
  • Edition: 1st
  • No.of Pages: 143 Pages
  • Language : English
  • Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishing House
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    About the Book:

    Dr Ravindra Sharma has been a medical surgeon all his life yet has maintained a deep and abiding interest in astrology, having learnt it from several experts in the field such as his father, uncle, maternal grandfather and many others. Astrology is an ancient science which attempts to unravel the mystery of the ever-changing drama of human life. It largely succeeds in doing so on the basis of planetary influences. As a beginner, when one is looking for a book about astrology, one finds that most of them are either too simple or too difficult to read and absorb. This is a unique book in English language, concise yet comprehensive, that encompasses the entire gamut of the fundamentals of astrology in an easy-to-understand style and systematic manner. Life-long pursuit of astrology for well over six decades has enabled the author to understand and relate to the fluctuating, often unexpected, even contradictory and at times intriguing events in one’s life. It has stood by him as a dependable companion, a friendly guide and an additional dimension. The author believes the book will prove an interesting and absorbing read, a worthy and reliable companion and an added support. It is bound to provide the reader the thrill, the excitement, the joy and the satisfaction of discovering the dynamics of events in his life.

    About the Author: 

    Dr Ravindra Sharma, a native of Jammu, India, is a surgeon by profession, having retired as professor of surgery. He picked up the basic elements of astrology from his father, Pt Rup Chand Ji Sharma, a renowned Ayurvedic physician of Jammu, at the age of 12. He became ill at the age of 17 when he was a 1st-year medical student at Amritsar. The illness resulted in a prolonged stay at Jammu. This led him to consult his uncle for advice. His uncle, Pt Madan Mohan Ji Shastri, a Jyotishacharya, was a Raj Jyotshi and a famous astrologer. In his curiosity to know the reason for his illness, he learnt the basic principles of astrology from his uncle and acquired a life-long interest in the ancient science of astrology. During the 7 years of stay at Amritsar for medical studies, he came across a number of local astrologers, notable among them being Pt Devi Dass Ji and Professor M. L. Bhatia of DAV College. They were well-known astrologers of Amritsar and his regular interactions with them enhanced his interest and knowledge further in this hobby. Later, during the pursuit of surgical studies in London, he came in contact with Mr M. K. Gandhi, a well-known Indian astrologer based in London. He developed a close family friendship with Mr Gandhi due to his keen interest and passion for this hobby. Mr Gandhi was an internationally acclaimed astrologer at the time. Many famous public figures of London at the time were his clients. His expert counsel was keenly sought after by the mighty and the rich. His fame led him to undertake several world tours to the USA, Europe, Africa and India, and he had many millionaires among his clients. The author had regular interactions with his friend for an extended period of well over 10 years and added many finer points and subtle nuances of astrology in his repertoire. As a practising surgeon, he kept alive his interest and passion for his hobby through regular interactions with contemporary hobbyists. Well known among them were Mr K. N. Bhakri and Shri Vidya Vinayak Ji Sharma. Mr Bhakri, a retired Tehsildar, had made quite a name for himself in the higher echelons of administration for his uncanny knowledge and skills. Shri Vinayak Sharma Ji, the younger brother of the author, had learnt astrology from late Master Phool Chand Ji, a famous astrologer of Jammu. He had enhanced his knowledge further by his own studies and research. The author has continued to interact regularly with his brother on astrology for well over 40 years. Their mutual discussions on horoscopes of different people on an almost daily basis would bring out some intricate points of this science and have helped to broaden the base of their hobby. Besides, the author, through his own practice of looking at the horoscopes of his professional colleagues and their families, his own friends and relatives, has maintained his interest in this fulfilling and absorbing hobby. The author has been a keen and a passionate student of astrology for most of his life. He has pursued this hobby in a quiet and unobtrusive manner for well over 50 years through his personal study, research and practice.