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The Theatrical Art of Kshemeeshwar and Ramchandra

by Dr. Madhu Kumari

  • ISBN Hardcover: 9789359036960, 935903696X
  • ISBN Paperback: 9789359036953, 9359036951
  • Year of Publication: 2024
  • Edition: 1st
  • No. of Pages: 303
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishing House
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    Book Description: 

    Drama has been an important part of Sanskrit literature. As compared to kaavya (recited poetry), drama is highly regarded as it provides pleasure through both audio, as well as the visual medium. It is the most beautiful among the kaavyas ―‘Kaavyeshu Naatakam Ramyam’. Since it is designed for the public entertainment, it is read by the society and is useful for it too.

    Theatrical Art of Kshemeeshwar and Ramchandra is like a beacon of lightfor the world of drama. Raja Harishchandra has given the inspiration to everybody in Bharat to walk on the path of truth. Mahatma Gandhi too decided to follow the path of truth, after being inspired by Raja Harishchandra. The first poet to give immortality to the character of Raja Harishchandra through his work Chanda-kaushika, is Kshemeeshwar himself, who existed in the ninth century CE. The Hindi work on Raja Harishchandra by Bharatendu Harishchandra is a copy of this Sanskrit work. Ramchandra, who also wrote Naatyadarpana, wrote the play Satyaharishchandra in the twelfth century. Barring a few, many esteemed Sanskrit scholars did not have an idea about the existence of these two books. Therefore, to study their theatrical art is quite useful.

    In Chandakaushika, the qualities of truthfulness and beneficence in Harishchandra, whose story is famous in the Puranas, has been depicted with an unprecedented beauty. With a few changes and some new expressions and emotions, Acharya Ramchandra wrote Satyaharishchandra in Sanskrit. In these ‘twin plays’, the protagonist and the main subject matter is the same; the difference is in its style of presentation. From the point of view of being the protagonist, the character of Raja Harishchandra is sublime and it is based on his truthfulness.

    The study of the dramatist-duo is extremely useful for the Sanskrit literature. Therefore, reading the work being presented is both desirable and expected.

    About the Author:

    Name: Dr Madhu Kumari
    Born On: 03.01.1962
    Mother: Late Manorama Devi
    Father: Late Sonelal Roy
    Husband: Prof (Dr) Mohan Mishra
    Place of Birth: Dahiya, Begusarai (Bihar)
    Address: Lal Kothi, Bhagalpur-812002
    Education: Matriculation -1978, Raghunath
    High School, Dahiya
    Intermediate-1980, Ramdayalu
    Singh College, Muzaffarpur
    M. A. (Hons)-1986, Ramdayalu
    Singh College, Muzaffarpur
    M. A. (Sanskrit) -1986,
    Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur
    Ph. D -1992, Bhagalpur
    University, Bhagalpur
    Sahityaacharya -Kameshwar Singh
    Sanskrit University. Kameshwar Nagar,
    Vidyaavaachaspati (D. Litt.) -1997,
    Kameshwar Singh Sanskrit University,
    Published Book: Kameshwar Nagar, Darbhanga
    Occupation: Teaching; Sanskrit Professor at Sharda
    Research Articles: Jhunjhunwala Mahila Mahavidyalaya
    since 02.01.1990
    Published Book: Khemeeshwar aur Ramchandra ki
    Naatyakala (2022)