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Studies in Jaimini Astrology

by B. V. Raman

  • ISBN: 9788120813977, 8120813979
  • Year of Publication: 2014
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 4th reprint
  • No. of Pages: 158
  • Language: English
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    T here are a number of versions of Jaimini in Devanagari, Kannada and Telugu scripts-

    most of them containing Neelakanta's commentaries. The present work placed before the educated public is mainly based upon the author's "studies" done during the last fifteen years. Owing probably to the dearth of books dealing clearly with the principles, and of scholars who have specialised in this particular branch of astrological knowledge, Jaimini's methods have not

    been popular. Consequently it is not possible to say with what degree of success the principles

    given by Jaimini could be applied to practical horoscopes. But there is no doubt whatsoever that

    when once the technique of prediction as given by Jaimini has been clearly grasped, considerable

    accuracy could be aimed at.

    In these studies the author has endeavoured to make available in compact and simple form the leading facts or concepts of Jamini's principles. Certain aspects of Jaimini such as Dasas, Ayurdaya, etc., which have hitherto remained obscure, have been dealt with exhaustively and their significance shown. This is the first exposition of Jaimini in India in English with suitable illustrations.

    Jaimini has certain special features especially bearing on longevity and Dasa interpretation

    furnishing fresh material for the research-minded. The information given in this book has been based on all the four chapters of the sutras and has been tested on several horoscopes.


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