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Indian Psychology (3 Vols.): V.I Cognition; Vol.II Emotion and Will; Vol.III Epistemology of Perception

by Jadunath Sinha

  • ISBN: 9788120801653, 8120801652
  • Year of Publication: 2017
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Edition: 5th Reprint
  • No. of Pages: 1354
  • Language: English
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    About the Book:

    Here is the magnificent attempt made at a constructive survey of Indian psychology. In the words of the author, •Äthe philosophical literature of India is not only rich in metaphysics, but also in psychology, logic, ethics, aesthetics, and epistemology. There is no system of Indian philosophy which has not advanced a theory of knowledge, and which has not appealed to the facts of experience. Every school of philosophy has made valuable contributions to psychology, logic, ethics and other mental sciences.ê

    The work is divided into three volumes. Volume One makes a minute and detailed discussion of the problems of perception and cognition. It throws light on different topics from the different standpoints of Indian thought. Volume Two deals with the Psychology of Emotions, Alankara, Aesthetic sentiments, Nascent Love, Ardent Love, Sex and Psychology of religion. It deals with Rupa Goswamiês analysis of devotion and sentiments of devotion and refers to Jiva Goswamiês views. This is the most comprehensive book based on Sanskrit works. Volume Three is exclusively devoted to the analysis of epistemology and its perceptional aspects.

    Indian psychology created a new standard in scholarly work on its first publication by Kegan Paul in the thirties. The present reprint of all the three volumes of this classic meets the needs of students and teachers of Indian Psychology as well as the general reader interested in the study of Indian philosophical - psychological literature.

    About the Author:

    Late JADUNATH SINHA was the holder of the most covetable Roychand Premchand Scholarship. He taught philosophy at the colleges in Calcutta, Rajsahi, Dacca and Meerut. He wrote several books, tracts and reviews. Some of his works are: Indian Philosophy (6 Vols.), Indian Realism, Vaishnav Vedanta (5 Vols.), and Comparative Religions (4 Vols.)