The Economic Life of Northern India: C. A.D. 700-1200

by Lallanji Gopal

  • ISBN: 9788120803022, 8120803027
  • Year of Publication: 2013
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  • Edition: Re-issued
  • No. of Pages: 394
  • Language: English
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    The topics dealt with are of as varied nature as those in his other Studies. The approach of most writers to the problems relating to India religions is based on literary sources; but in respect of the majority of topics discussed in the volume with the exception of the first few chapters, Prof. Sircar depends primarily on inscriptions and supplements epigraphic evidence by the testimony of literary and numismatic records wherever records wherever necessary. A few of the studies incorporated in the volume exhibit the author's search for truth spread over a number of years. Thus spread over a number of years. Thus his investigation relating to the god Purusottama-Jagannatha of Puri began when he noticed the dominions of Ganga Anangabhima III (1211-39 A.D.) described as 'Purusottama's empire' in an inscription, in 1939. In the course of its progress, he found out, in 1946, how Bhanu II (1305-27 A.D.) is represented in his records as a feudatory of the god Purusottama-Jagannatha and, in 1953, how a literary work speaks of the dedication of the Ganga kingdom to the god by king Anangabhima. Finally in 1963. Prof. Sircar traced in a tenth century epigraph of the Satna District, Madhya Pradesh, how the god of Puri attracted pilgrims from distant regions. The chapter on Purusottama-Jagannatha in the volume is thus the result of a study of about quarter of a century.


    I enjoyed it very much and think it a very valuable contribution to the subject. You have very wisely selected the topics and have taken pains to collect data from all possible sources. Your treatment is critical-a rather rare thing now-a-days-and I congratulate you on your work - Dr.R.C. Majumdar

    I am impressed by your industry in collecting the data and your skill in presenting them in a systematic and readable form. I am also glad that your treatment of the various topics exhibits considerable critical accumen.... - Prof.D.C. Sircar

    The book.... is a very welcome addition to the literature on the economic history of India....It is a very refereshing study with touches of originality in many no where in preceding books.... Prof. V.S. Agrawala

    It is a valuable and authoritative contribution to the history and economic development of India in a period as yet imperfectly studied - Prof. D.D. Kosambi

    It is a comprehensive and thorough study of the subject containing many important contributions to knowledge, and its author has displayed critical scholarship of a high order. The style is lucid and succinct and the general presentation is thoroughly satisfactory - Prof.A.L. Basham

    Dr. Lallanji Gopal...has produced an interesting and well documented book...This is a valuable and welcome addition to the slender literature on the subject. - Journal of Indian History, 1965, Prof. T.V. Mahalingam

    I am glad that you have adduced some new evidence to prove my theory of the decline of trade in post-Gupta times...You have collected here some very good stuff on famines etc., which I have not come across elsewhere...I am sure the book will be received well... Prof. R.S. Sharma

    Dr. Gopal has produced a useful study, throwing much needed light on the economic life of a confused and confusing period of Indian history... The interesting study provides a wealth of detail. - Dr. T.R. Trautmann, Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 1966

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