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Along the Buddhist Path: The Meditator's Companion to the Sacred Sites in India and Nepal

by Kory Goldberg, Michelle Decary

  • ISBN: 9788178224718, 8178224712
  • Year of Publication: 2015
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 1st
  • No. of Pages: 453
  • Language: English
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    Its main objective is to take care of the needs of those travellers and pilgrims who are desirous

    of visiting the Buddhist sites and pilgrimages in the Buddha's Land in the Indian subcontinent. It

    is an extraordinarily comprehensive and true companion and guide for those people, who are inspired by the Buddha's life and teaching, and so wish "to meditate, pray and pay homage in these places" (p.xiii). These are the people who also want to directly relate themselves to everything the Buddha has been associated with whatever his followers have done to preserve his legacy spared throughtout the Indian subcontinent. This legacy covers (i)his philosophical and religious discourses (dhamma) aimed at liberating the humanity from suffering, (ii) the places he visited and stayed, and (iii) also the monuments built by these followers to highlight and "appreciate the historical, social and artistic dimensions of the Buddha's life and teaching" (ibid). In the contemporary world, the world of the 21st century, the authors emphasize, these are still relevant, vibrant, meaningful, and spiritually inspiring for the entire global community. It cannot be overemphasized that these are the positive aspects of visitng a Buddhist site.

    The authors have tried best to work out every detail regarding the benefits as well as hazards of

    the tour a country like India, "a land where nothing can be assured" (ibid) and for this reason they claim to help the travellers through this book.

    Along the Buddhist Path is a unique guidebook covering India and Nepal's sacred sites; indispensable for the modern-day practitioner of the Buddhist's teachings. It:

    * Offers a rich anthology of deeply inspiring stories relating to each of the pilgrimage sites connected to the Buddha's life and teaching.

    * Provides detailed descriptions of each of the sites, including insider information on what to see and tips on transportation, accommodation and local cuisine.

    * Suggests excursions and activities in the vicinity of both ancient and modern sites.

    * Highlights established Vipassana meditation centres that are best suited to accommodate visiting meditatiors.

    * Includes an in-depth travel section to help meditators prepare for a safe launch from home and cultivate cultural sensibilities.

    * Presents practical information with helpful maps, creative artwork and spirited narratives from experienced travellers.


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