The Cosmic Calculator, Book-2: A Vedic Mathematics Course for Schools

by Kenneth R. Williams, Mark Gaskell, L.M. Singhvi

  • ISBN: 9788120818637, 8120818636
  • Year of Publication: 2005
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Edition: 2nd
  • No. of Pages: 257
  • Language: English
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    The remarkable system of Vedic mathematics was created after careful study of ancient Sanskrit texts early last century. The Vedic system with its direct, easy and flexible approach forms a complete system of mental mathematics (though the methods can also be written down) and brings out the naturally coherent and unified structure of mathematics. Many of the features and techniques of this unique system are truly amazing in their efficiency and originality.

    Being a mental system, Vedic Mathematics encourages creativity and innovation. Mental mathematics increases mental agility, improves memory, the ability to hold ideas in the mind and promotes confidence, as well as being of great practical use.

    This course consists of three textbooks an Answer Book and a Teacher's Guide. The course is aimed at 11-14 year old pupils though some of it is very suitable for children from 8 years. Vedic Mathematics is being taught in many schools world-wide with great success: many top mathematics prizes have been won by students of this system.


    Forword, Introduction, Vedic Mathematics Sutras, Sub-Sutras, Nikhilam Multiplication, Doubling and Halving, Fractions, Spirals, Fractions and Decimals, The Arithmetic of Bar Numbers, General Multiplication, Algebraic Multiplication, Squaring, The Moebius Strip, Sequences, Probability, Equations, Angles and Triangles, Percentages, Forming Equations, 2 and 3 Dimensional shapes, Straight line Graphs, Charts, Fractals, Divisibility, Further Multiplication, Combining Fractions, Arithmetical Operations, Special Division, Percentage Changes, Transformations, Constructions, Parallel Lines Bearings, Rangoli Patterns, Historical Notes.


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